New Horizons Worship Center Assists Children in Need

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New Horizons Worship Center

Dr. David Johnson and his wife have attended church services throughout their marriage of 40 plus years and have previously served in the praise band of several churches including the New Vienna Church, the New Horizons Worship Center, and the Redeemer Church.

Live worship music is included during church services to inspire members of a congregation. A thoughtfully planned worship service integrates music throughout the service and brings church members closer to their religion while enhancing their spiritual experience. Some churches schedule two separate services with one providing a traditional agenda while the other a more contemporary agenda.

For a traditional crowd, time-honored hymns are often greatly appreciated. Music of currently popular artists is often emphasized in a contemporary service. Talented and skillful musicians that are able to express their own spirituality through their music will have a powerful effect on the enthusiasm of a church congregation. In order to optimize the interaction between the band members and the church congregation, it is often helpful to experiment with various styles and genres while keeping “tuned in” to the congregation’s response. The quality of a persons life is optimized when mental, physical, emotional health is combined with “spiritual health”.


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